Paving the road to safety.

HARBOW Enterprises Inc. | Paving the road to safety.

Our Mission

  • Save lives by making our roads safer
  • Reduce commercial vehicle crashes
  • Raise the bar for road safety
  • Reduce claims costs
  • Support positive moral contributions to road safety
  • Improve safety levels for everyone traveling on Canadian roadways
  • Raise compliance levels within the industry at provincial and national levels
  • Provide tools for trucking companies to improve their safety standards

Our Goal is to Save Lives

We work with insurance providers to complete a safety risk analysis report for trucking companies, prior to provision of insurance. This process includes a GAP analysis of the trucking companies existing safety protocol and driver training initiatives. We complete a report identifying areas of strength and deficiency, and then provide recommendations for improvement and development. Our goal is to make our roads safer for everyone.

  • Encourage insurance companies to maintain high expectations of safety which will reduce claims costs.
  • Empower trucking companies to develop and maintain proactive safety and training programs, improving employee efficacy, safety, retention, and responsibility, and reducing the number of commercial vehicle crashes.
  • Protect commercial drivers by providing adequate access to education through scholarship and employer driven incentive programs.
  • Lobby the government to implement national standards to qualify commercial driving as a skilled trade that requires specific training and safety expectations that meet or exceed international standards.

We conduct a GAP analysis, investigating regulation compliance, safety culture and safety protocols, training programs, and educational opportunities for drivers. Then completes a high-level report of findings and recommendations. We provide a risk assessment report identifying deficiencies and recommendations to both the insurance company and the trucking company. This report allows insurance companies to make an informed decision about providing coverage, and it allows the trucking company opportunities to improve their safety and training programs.

The goal of this process is to deliver:
  • Reduced claims costs
  • Safer roads for Canadians
  • Less commercial vehicle crashes
  • National standards for driver safety and training that meet or exceed international levels and that protect commercial drivers and the public

Our Story

We all deserve to come home safely.

Canadians spend a significant amount of time on the roads, we should be able to trust that other drivers around us are trained to operate as safely as possible...

Driven by passion, Pattie Fair is a health and safety professional that has personally lived through the fall-out of a fatal commercial vehicle crash. Her husband (a class 1 commercial license holder) was fatally injured in a commercial vehicle crash in 2017. This experience made it extremely clear to Pattie how low the road safety standards are across Canada.

Pattie has previously worked for WorkSafeBC both as an occupational health and safety enforcement officer and in the claims system. She has responded to fatal accidents and inspected many workplaces to ensure effective health and safety measures are in place.

In January 2019, Pattie and the Harbow team started the petition E-2005 for the Federal House of Commons. This petition makes 4 requests of the government:

  1. Regulate the Class 1 commercial licensing process to be considered a nation wide skilled trade of professional drivers;
  2. Modify the National Occupational Classification Code (NOC) to give individuals the opportunity to qualify for funding to support their training;
  3. Develop and implement a common mandatory entry-level training curriculum and a graduated licensing system for Class 1 licence candidates; and
  4. Require licensing bodies to collect and store information on the training provider and duration of training to be associated with the record of each commercial driver.

Families and friends of victims of the Humboldt Broncos tragedy support this petition, as well as numerous others across the country who have been affected by fatal commercial vehicle accidents, including commercial trucking organizations.

How it Works